Aug 10

Worm habitat experiment

We did a fun experiment with Night Crawler worms to see which habitat or environment they went towards.

We set up our science bin with three choices for the worms: rocks, sand, and wet mud. We put 12 worms in the middle of the bin and watched to see which one of those 3 habitat environments they navigated towards.?

All of our worms preferred the wet mud over the other two choices. Some of the mud leaked underneath the rocks though and the worms found their way to the rock side of the bin.

The students loved the worm habitat experiment and watching to see where they went.



  1. Susan Case

    I love this. May I have a photo of your hula hoop day from months ago – maybe the one with the kids chasing after the hoops? I’m going to be writing a post on Outdoor Play (August) and would love to use the photo and link it back to you. Thanks so much for sharing and tweeting.

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Thanks for commenting on the worm experiment activity. And, yes, on the hula hoop outdoor play activity http://www.brennaphillips.com/hula-hoop-fun-in-preschool I will link back to your outdoor post as well.

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