Jul 14

Will the real ministry please stand up?

I finished reading Me, Myself, & Bob today while waiting in the jury assembly room during my second week of jury duty.

I love the part of chapter 21 on pages 243-244 where Phil Vischer talks about Christians must be “God’s representatives on earth.” No matter what kind of jobs we do or what careers we choose, we are called to be God’s hands and feet. We can’t “save the world” with our visionary ministry. We must understand where Christianity happens. Does Christianity happen in books? In movies? On TV? Sometimes, yes. But we can’t get so involved and preoccupied with our jobs and careers and projects that we forget about our everyday encounters with store clerks, restaurant servers, and people we meet on our paths to perform our job projects. That’s Christianity. That’s ministry. Ministry is caring about those regular people who cross our daily paths. Ministry is asking them how they’re doing and truly listening as they share.

To whom have you ministered today?

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  1. Bebinn

    Beautifully expressed, Brenna. The danger we all face as committed Christians is our misguided passion for church programming and don’t look at our dismal ignorance of the opportunities God has placed before us ever minute of every waking hour…

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