Mar 08

Where are the sheep?

How far away are the sheep in your circle? Can you reach the sheep? Do you reach the sheep?

In Jesus’ parable about the lost sheep in Luke 15, He instructed us to leave the other 99 and go find that lost sheep. Where do we look for it? How far do we go to find it? If we keep the sheep close and maintain consistent contact and communication with the sheep, they are less likely to wander away and it is easier to connect.

Have we connected with the sheep? Do we know where our sheep are? A once a month connection may not be enough for some sheep. They may need once a week connection or even once a day connection.

What kind of connection do sheep need? Do we connect via phone call, text message, social media message, or face to face contact? It depends on the relationship and personality. Some sheep need more connection than others. Some sheep need face to face contact while others prefer a quick text.

Know your sheep. Get involved in their lives and become familiar with what drives them.


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