Feb 14

Valentine heart people in preschool

The preschool students made Valentine heart people.

They cut out a heart shape and drew a face on it. Then they cut out four long strips of paper and folded each strip in an?accordion?fold, back and forth and back and forth. When they let go of the folded strips of paper, it made a zigzag pattern.

They glued the ends of each strip of paper to their big heart. Two strips were the arms and two strips were the legs.

This was a great activity for fine motor activity and exercising their fingers to fold the paper.


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  1. Katie @ Gift of Curiosity

    Very cute! Love the accordion fold.

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Yes, accordion fold is a great practice for young fingers. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Allison

    Very cute! I will be featuring this tomorrow on The Sunday Showcase at Train Up a Child.

  4. Brenna Phillips

    Thank you so much. I will link back to that post. http://trainupachildlearnaswego.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-sunday-showcase-9-ideas-for-arts.html

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