Jul 17

The Story of Johnny Appleseed video book reading

To add another element to a preschool early childhood lesson on Johnny Appleseed, click on the link to listen to the story read on video.

This delivery method gives young students another way to hear and see the story of a man who traveled all over the country sharing with others and how they, in turn, cared for him in his time of need. A story of true friendship.

While reading a portion of the story, I wear a cooking pot on my head just like Johnny did in the story.

For a fun activity, have the preschool students bring a cooking pot from home. Give each student a small cup or bag of grass seeds. Choose an area of your school grounds or yard to sprinkle the grass seeds while wearing the pots on their heads.

If the weather is warm enough, have the students take off their shoes while spreading the seeds. Caution: Be careful of things on the ground or in the grass that may be harmful to the students’ feet.


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  1. School Sparks Renee

    Great ideas for bringing this story to life!

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Thanks for commenting. This is a great method for adding life to a story and for young students another voice to read stories to them.

  3. Lucy

    Popped in from Katherine’s Corner. Love to see people spreading great ideas on how to get little ones more excited about reading 🙂

  4. Brenna Phillips

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. This is a fun activity for young students. They love the story, too.

  5. Beth

    Thanks for sharing at TGIf! We always read that exact book for Johnny Appleseed =-)


  6. Brenna Phillips

    Awesome. Feel free to use my video reading for other elements of your Johnny Appleseed lesson theme. Use it in a library/computer/listening center to offer an activity for students to hear and see the story from another reader on their own time. Enjoy.

  7. JDaniel4's Mom

    This looks like great fun! I be the students would love going barefoot.

  8. Brenna Phillips

    Pretending to be Johnny Appleseed and spreading grass seeds on the yard is fun in itself. Going barefoot would be fun depending on weather temperatures and safe walking conditions in the grass. Thanks for commenting.

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