Jan 09

The Mitten preschool theme week

The Mitten by Jan Brett?is a fun week in preschool. I even contacted the author to ask if she would be willing to read this book via Skype to my class, but due to publishing demands at this time she could not fit it in her schedule. She was very cordial though in her response and said she will send me a teachers classroom pack. I appreciate that.

There are many activities to go along with this book.

We started off our mitten theme in preschool by reading the book and showing some of the animals. My mother-in-law made me a big mitten by cutting a mitten shape out of white felt and sewing the edges together for durability. I have some little animals like in the story. As we read the book and came to each animal in the story, we put them inside our big mitten. The students love it at the end of the story when they get to reach in the mitten and toss all the animals out into the air.

This is a great activity for reading comprehension and acting out the story, using language skills and imagination.

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