May 13

The 3 Little Pigs houses

During a theme on Fairy Tales or real vs. make-believe, a great outdoor activity for early childhood students is to build the houses of the three little pigs.

First go on a nature walk. Early childhood students love to walk around their school grounds looking for and picking up sticks and rocks and hay or grass. Remember safety first. Only walk around the school grounds where it is safe and students are monitored and counted at all times.

Gather some hay or dried grass. Pile it up, work to build something that looks like a hut. Imaginations are important in building this house. It probably won’t look like a normal house but with imaginative play, it can be called a hay house.?

Second, gather some sticks. Safety is important in making this house, too. Make sure the students do not poke their classmates with the sticks or run around with sticks. Pile the sticks up, make them look like a house or a teepee. Lay the sticks against the bottom of a fence to make the house look like a lean-to or hut. Again, imagination plays an important role in this house as well.?

Third, gather some bricks or big rocks. Safety is also important in building this house as well. Make sure the students do not throw the bricks or drop them on their hands and feet. Stack the bricks into any shape or creation to look like a house. The bricks will form something that looks more like a house than the hay and sticks.?

When the construction of each house is completed, have the students act out the story of the Three Little Pigs. Start at the hay house. Have the students huff and puff and blow the hay all over. Then run around the playground over to the stick house. Have the students huff and puff and blow the sticks down. Run around the playground a third time and run over to the brick house. Try huffing and puffing and try to blow the brick house down.

The hay and sticks will likely blow over or fall since they are lighter than the bricks. The bricks should be heavy enough to not fall over as easily.

Students will love acting out this story and will be able to recall the events and characters easily.


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  1. Carrie

    Oh, how fun!! My daughter would love this. We are going to see a musical version of the Three Little Pigs next week and she is so excited. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Thank you for commenting. The preschool students are very creative with their versions of the 3 Little Pigs houses.

  3. Carrie

    Just to let you know, I’ll be featuring you this week! Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Brenna Phillips

    Thanks a bunch for the featured post. I will RT your linky.

  5. Linda

    Hi Brenna,
    I love the idea of making real houses outdoors. A teacher I knew once got the children to make house as part of the technology design process. They took them outside and the gardener dressed up as the Big Bad Wolf and tried to blow them over with his leaf blower. It was very cute.

  6. Brenna Phillips

    What a nice touch for others to be involved in the students’ projects. I’m sure that made them feel important, like they had done something really neat with their houses. Thanks for sharing that story.

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