Sep 01

Tell the Tattle Monster

Students are famous for their tattle-tale stories. Teachers are often tired of hearing those stories. I saw a cute activity online for students to make for the classroom and something that will listen to their tattle-tale stories.

The Tattle Tale Monster. Use an old tissue box. At the opening where the tissues came out, cut zigzags to be the monster mouth. Paint the box any color of choice. Add some spots or lines to decorate the monster face. Paint two big eyes at the top of the box.

Put the Tattle Monster on the shelf or somewhere the students can see it. The next time students are about to tell on a friend, remind them to go tell the Tattle Tale Monster.

This Tattle Monster will work in classrooms and even at home. Give it a try.


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  1. Margo, Children's Ministry Academy

    I can’t believe that I never thought of the tattle monster! I have a few children’s ministry students that love tattling on their peers, and I hate to admit it, but I get fed up with all the tattletaling. This will give me a good way to still be aware of whatever disciplinary issues are occurring without having to deal with my notorious tattletales day in and day out. Less stress for the entire classroom! Thank you!

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog. I thought the tattle monster was a good idea, too.

  3. JDaniel4's Mom

    What a wonderful classroom tool! I bet it does a great job of curbing tattle tales.

  4. Brenna Phillips

    It actually does help with tattle tales. Younger non-writing students tell their tales to the monster; writing students write their tales on paper and put it in the box/mouth. It allows students to feel like they are being heard rather than teacher just saying “I don’t want to hear tattle telling.” Thanks for commenting.

  5. Sami

    So wish i had this at the start of summer. I had a mix of kids from ages 2 to 7. When school starts again we will see if we need to make this or it works its self out. 🙂

  6. Brenna Phillips

    The tattle monster works great with tattle tales. There were times when students started to tattle and I just pointed to the monster; they would go over and tell their tales to him. Sometimes in their silly states, though, they would make a silly game of running over to tell him something but it wasn’t really tattle telling, just being silly. I had to remind them the monster was for their tattle tale stories not silliness. It is easy to make with a tissue box, though.

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