Aug 23

Pre-K Students choosing Learning Centers

To avoid a free-for-all atmosphere in a pre-k classroom at center time, have the students take the responsibility to place their own markers or sticks on center signs. In this class, the teacher made apple signs with velcro dots for the appropriate number of students allowed in each center. Students have green sticks painted like a worm with their names printed on them. Once the dots are full on the signs, then students must move on to another center. When students are finished working in that center, they take their worms with them to the next learning center. Students begin to actually remind classmates: Where’s your worm?

Then at the end of center time when it is time to clean up for the day, students place their worms back on the big red apple near the door to be ready for the next day.



  1. cassandra

    Wow! That must be a really great teacher to come up with that idea!

  2. Brenna Phillips

    I am hoping this blog post shares ideas with many other ece teachers as well. Good job.

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