Apr 19

The effects of Litter experiment

During Earth Day week, the preschool students did many experiments to see the effects of pollution. One experiment showed them the effects of littering.

Talk about how much fun it is to go camping and have a picnic. Talk about fishing and swimming in lakes and oceans and rivers.

Create a mountain scene using a piece of aluminum foil. Mound up one end of the foil with blocks or wads of paper so one side of the mountain is higher and the other side of flat.

Tear up pieces of paper and throw on the foil like people are littering their campsites and picnic areas. Throw a plastic cup on the area, too.

Then pour some water on top of the mountain and let it roll down the foil.

Explain to the students that is what happens when people do not throw their litter in the trash can or recycle bins. The litter gets into the lakes and rivers and oceans making the water dirty and polluted for fish and swimmers.

Apr 19

Water Pollution

During the Earth day theme, the preschool students learned about water pollution. We talked about why it is important to keep our Earth clean and the effects of litter. They were able to see the effects of littering on the waters and lakes and ponds.

We filled a cup about half full of plain water. Then cut off a tip of a marker and put it in the water. We started to see the water changing colors and getting darker. As we set the cup aside for the rest of the day, we were later able to see the water was completely dark. Yuck. No one wanted to drink that water. No one wanted to fish in that pond.

Apr 17

Pond Pollution

The preschool students carried over their fishing activity from the Pond Life theme to the Earth Day theme. We put the fish cutouts with paperclips in the sensory table. We added scraps of paper and plastic cups and aluminum foil as litter in the pond. The students had to go fishing but it was more difficult to catch fish with all the litter.

The students were able to see the importance of keeping their Earth and ground clean so litter does not get in the lakes, rivers, and streams and harm the fish.

Apr 17

Learning Air Pollution in preschool

During Recycling week and studies on Earth Day, the preschool students learned about the importance of keeping the air clean.

They drew pictures on black bulletin board paper. There were pictures of flowers, the sun, and even some letters of the alphabet. Then we took the black paper outside and sprinkled baby powder on it. Yuck. It made a mess out of the students’ nice pictures.

We tried to shake the powder off the paper. It didn’t come off. We turned the paper over and tried to wipe the powder off on the grass. It only smeared it and didn’t come off.

The students were able to see how air pollution messes up good things. They learned the importance of keeping the air clean. We talked about factories with smoke stacks that cause air pollution and how that smoke sometimes makes our air yucky to breathe and not healthy for our lungs.

Apr 16

Learning about Recycling for Earth Day

The preschool students are learning about Earth Day and what it means to recycle. We started off the week by having a garbage truck/recycling truck visit. The students got to see a truck up close and even sit in the driver’s seat.

They are learning all week about recycling and putting this into practice by sorting their paper and plastic items. No glass or metal items at school since that is not safe in case the glass breaks and the metal has sharp edges.

Apr 13

Leap frog

For a fun outdoor activity in preschool, the students played Leap Frog to cap off their week learning about Pond Life.

One student curls up on the ground, tucking his head and feet in. The next student leaps or hops over him and curls up on the ground in front of him. The next student in line leaps over those two students then curls up on the ground in front. Each student leaps over the others on the ground and the game continues.

This is great for a different outdoor activity.?

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