Apr 10

Colored flowers update

Here is an update on the preschool experiment to add color to white flowers. We added red food coloring to water in the jar. We cut off the ends of the flower stems and placed them down into the water jar.

Later that afternoon and the next morning, we were able to see red spots and streaks in the white flower petals.

Apr 05

Spring cleaning in the preschool classroom

During our spring theme week, the preschool students worked on spring cleaning the classroom. They used papertowels sprayed with soapy water to wash and dust all the shelves and tables and chairs. They even got down on the floor to wipe down the baseboards. Some of the students loved sprucing up their classroom and almost went overboard with their jobs. It was nice to see them being so helpful and taking such good pride in their classroom environment. I wonder if some of them can be hired out?! LOL.


Apr 05

Coloring flowers experiment

The local Flower Shop visited preschool yesterday and brought flowers to share with the class. We had some flowers left over after each student took one home. We decided to try an experiment to color the petals.

We filled a jar half full of water and added a few drops of red food coloring to the water. We cut off the ends of some white flowers and placed them down in the red water.

We will wait and observe to see if the flowers ‘drink’ the red water and if the flowers petals get a red tint to them. Stay tuned for coloring updates. These preschool students love experiments where they ‘see what happens.’

Apr 04

What dissolves in water? Preschool experiment

The preschool students experimented with different household kitchen items to determine which ones dissolve in water. They started with four cups half full of water.

In one cup they poured in one packet of sugar and stirred it up in the water. The sugar ‘disappeared’ and dissolved.

In the second cup they sprinkled a teaspoon of cinnamon. It did not dissolved and left the water looking dirty, but it smelled good.

In the third cup they sprinkled a teaspoon of cream of tartar. It made the water cloudy and did not dissolve very well.

In the last cup they sprinkled a teaspoon of salt. The salt did not dissolve and left granules on the bottom of the cup.

The preschool students were able to see what dissolves in water and how our water supply can be affected if not properly taken care of.

Apr 04

Flower Shop visit in preschool

During our preschool theme week on spring flowers and learning about how flowers and plants grow, we invited the owner of the local flower shop to visit preschool. The students love when special guests come to visit preschool and talk about what they have been learning during the week.

She talked about what flowers and plants need in order to grow and how they start out as seeds. We planted bean plants and watched them grow tall. We have grass seeds growing in cups, too.

She talked about where she gets her many varieties of flowers. The preschool students were amazed that many of her flowers come to her shop by traveling across the country on an airplane. They loved touching and smelling the flowers and were excited to take a real Carnation flower home.


Apr 04

Water evaporation experiment

The preschool students started an experiment to learn about evaporation. They have been learning about the Water Cycle and how water rains down from the clouds to water the ground and trees and flowers then the sun shines and evaporates the water back up into the clouds to start the process all over again.

We filled a cup half full of water and placed a piece of blue tape at the top of the water level. We placed the cup in the window where we have our grass seed cups from an earlier project.

We will check the cup of water in the next few days to see if the water level is much lower than the blue tape line.

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