Dancing raisins experiment

Items needed: clear glass or jar, Club soda, raisins.

Pour about a half of the jar full of Club soda. Drop in a few raisins (4-5). Watch to see the raisins sink to the bottom of the liquid and (hopefully) go back up to the top of the soda. The raisins in this experiment went up and down a few times.

Results may vary.

Washing garden foods in preschool

During Nutrition week in the preschool classroom, we turned the sensory table into a garden table. We dumped in some gardening soil and used trowels and shovels to pretend to plow the garden and grow play fruits and vegetables. They learned in which food group each of those foods belonged. And they enjoyed digging in the dirt!

The following theme for the week is Mr. Yuk and learning about household poisons and chemicals. To introduce that week, we turned the sensory table into a washing station. We emptied out the gardening soil and filled the table with soap and water. The students now had to wash the fruits and vegetables, washing off the chemicals and pesticides often sprayed on crops.

Making a balance with a hanger

In the preschool classroom, the students explored how to make two buckets balance using a hanger. We tied 2 small buckets to hang from the bottom of a hanger. Click here to see where I found the idea for this activity.?Our hanger balance had a slight variation but was a success anyway.

The students added small dinosaur counting pieces one at a time to each bucket, seeing if they were equal or if one bucket was loaded more than the other one. They enjoyed seeing the results when one bucket had too many items in it and the other bucket wiggled and moved more because it was lighter in weight.

Pi Day in preschool

March 14 (3/14) is often referred to as Pi Day (3.14 in the math world). In the preschool class, the students learned a little about fractions on this day. No, Pi 3.14 is not a preschool concept but fractions can be to a certain point.

We used a large round circle with a big number 1 written on it. That was the pie. Then we cut a second round circle in half making 2 halves. We cut a third round circle into 1 half and 2 quarter pieces.

The students were able to put the pieces together on top of the big round whole circle to see that the 2 halves matched the whole and the 1 half and 2 quarters matched the whole as well.

Colorful foods during nutrition week

During the Nutrition theme week in preschool, the students came up with a lot of foods and categorized them into colorful groups. This was a great activity to reinforce color recognition and match the colors with everyday items in life.

Red: tomatoes, apples, spaghetti sauce

Yellow: banana, squash, lemons

Brown: bread, potatoes

For each food the students listed, they had to name in which food group it belonged.

Outdoor preschool kitchen area

The temperatures are warming up and it is nice for the preschool students to play outside. They have been learning all about nutrition and healthy eating habits and the food pyramid. They have enjoyed setting up a restaurant in the classroom housekeeping center. They developed a menu and have one or two friends sit down at their housekeeping table to order food at their restaurant.

With the warmer temperatures outside, we decided to move the kitchen outside, too. I read often about the outdoor kitchen play space at other blogs. Click here to see this one.??Out outdoor kitchen is not near as elaborate but the students had fun digging and scooping in the dirt and adding grass to their cooking experiences. I think there will be more outdoor kitchen time for these preschool students.