Mar 27

A trick with $1.00 and 2 paperclips

The preschool students were amazed at the results of this trick involving $1.00 and 2 paperclips. I only had a $5 bill in my wallet but it doesn’t matter what size denomination the bill is for the trick.

Fold the dollar in half one way and clip a paperclip on the folded side and the inside fold. Fold the dollar in half the other way and place another paperclip on the other end attached to the other inside fold.?

On the count of 3, pull the two ends of the dollar bill and watch the paperclips jump off and land on the floor or the table. They will be linked together.

Mar 26

Learning what seeds and plants need to grow

The preschool students started an experiment to learn what seeds and plants need to grow. They filled cups with potting soil and added some grass seeds. Then they added a little water and placed the cups in a sunny window.

One cup, however, is labeled No Sun and one cup is labeled No Water. Each day when the students water their seeds cups, they will not water the No Water cup. They placed the No Sun cup in the closet, but they will water it.

Stay tuned for the results of this experiment and see if the two cups of seeds will grow without sun/water.

Mar 24

Stop Ask First Poisons song

3-4 year old preschool students loved learning the song to help them remember what to do when they see household poisons.

Song borrowed from Poison video here

Mar 24

Mr. Yuk wall

The preschool students love learning about Mr. Yuk.

I sent green Mr. Yuk stickers home to each student. They were to search their homes with their families to locate household chemicals and cleaning supplies. They placed the stickers on the items and took a picture and printed or emailed it. Any kind of picture was acceptable.

Then they returned the pictures to school and we created a Mr. Yuk wall to display many of the items they should be careful about and ask first before touching.

During the week the students painted their own Mr. Yuk faces. This activity is a great way to learn about staying at home and school around many chemicals and cleaning products and bug sprays.

They even made their own Mr. Yuk faces but sticking out their tongues and mimicking Mr. Yuk.

Mar 24

Bean sprouts experiment update

The preschool students started an experiment to try sprouting and growing beans. Click here to see the start of the project.?

One week later we noticed that the beans had sprouted and were growing roots and opening up.











So we decided to plant these sprouts in dirt cups and see the further growth. Stay tuned for updates on the bean growth.


Mar 24

Rubber egg experiment

Items needed:

One raw egg

One glass or jar, with lid or aluminum foil to cover


Add the egg in the jar. Pour in vinegar to cover the egg. Place lid or aluminum foil on top of jar. Let sit for 2 days. After 2 days replace the vinegar with fresh vinegar. Let sit for one week. Observe.

We did this experiment in the past. Click here to read about it.??Science is always fun to do experiments over and over again to compare results.

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