Apr 26

Caterpillar number counting

For a fun activity to practice number counting or order, the preschool students put this caterpillar number puzzle in order from 1-10.

Draw and cut out circles for each piece of the caterpillar. Draw a face on the first one and number each of the other circles with numbers.

For an alternative: use letters of the alphabet or letters of words.

Students will choose each circle of the caterpillar to place in the correct order.

Apr 26

Butterfly snack

During a theme unit on learning about caterpillars to butterflies, the preschool students enjoyed making a yummy snack that looked like a butterfly.

Use a coffee stir stick. Thread several marshmellows on the stick. It is sticky and can be difficult for young fingers to get the marshmellows all the way on the stick but it is a good exercise in fine motor skills.

Use a second coffee stir stick to thread diagonally-cut fruit roll-ups. This activity may require the help of a teacher or adult. The stick must be threaded or poked through the fruit roll-up from the flat edge side to the pointy side.

Then the stick with the roll-ups can either be poked horizontally through a marshmellow in the center of the first stick or lay the marshmellow stick on top of the roll-up stick on a plate.

This is a cute activity to enjoy constructing a butterfly.

Apr 23

Caterpillar concentration

Young preschool students liked matching concentration games, but sometimes they get tired of doing the same kinds of these games on the table with matching cards. This is a concentration game of a different variety: on the wall.

Cut out circles and tape to the wall. Cut out smaller squares of paper and draw or write something on the squares. The students will match these pictures, so they may be pictures of shapes or numbers or letters. Tape those squares underneath each circle. There should be two of each picture to match.

Students can flip up one circle at a time and try to match the pictures underneath.

Apr 19

Preschool Educational Apps

The Kindle Fire uses Android apps. I have found many educational learning apps for preschool students and most of them were FREE. They are easy to download and easy to operate. Once introduced to the apps, most 3-4 year old students can maneuver through them on their own.

I want to highlight some of the favorite preschool educational apps that have been great learning tools to enhance and reinforce learning in the classroom. These apps are not meant to replace teachers or their interaction with the students. They are more for reinforcing the activities teachers have planned and meet the interests of many students of the iGeneration.

The apps allow young learners to use their fingers on the touch screen and build their fine motor muscles for pre-writing skills.

Shape Builder — slide puzzle pieces into the correct spot to complete a picture, voice tells picture name and gives sound object makes when puzzle is complete

Alphabet Matching — memory matching game to remember and locate two matching letters at a time, voice tells letter names when clicked

Jumpstart Preschool: Magic of Learning

Giraffe’s Matching — larger game board than alphabet matching, memory matching game to locate animal pictures, gives animal sounds when student clicks each square

ABC Preschool — trace letters and numbers using different colors

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games — shapes & colors, letters, counting; voice calls out a command to locate the correct object out of a choice of four

Cookies & Milk — students bake virtual cookies by dragging ingredients to the bowl, stirring, and decorating then eating and enjoying a glass of milk

Connect the Dots — tracing letters by connecting the dots

Alphabet Book — letters, numbers, and shapes; identify the correct choice out of four options

FishPop — pop the fish by touching them with a finger being careful not to pop the octopus and make a black inkspot, must be quick to pop all the fish as they swim past

My First Book — listen to a story book with interactive features to touch the screen

The Story of the Monkey — storybook

Fruit Sorter — sort different fruit into four boxes as the pass by on the conveyor belt before they drop off

iStory Books — ?storybook

Check out these apps and open up a new world of technology for preschool students. My students tend to enjoy and learn more from apps and strengthen their fine motor skills using a tablet rather than the desktop computer. The apps periodically update, keeping things new.



Apr 19

Recycle Art

The preschool students used their imaginations to create an art masterpiece. They glued many pieces of recycling items they collected during Earth Day week to a large sheet of bulletin board paper.

They glued magazine pages, soda bottles, yogurt containers, papertowel tubes, gloves, plastic cups, and aluminum foil. This was a collective effort on each student in the class. They worked together to put each item in the perfect place.

After lots of glue and hours of drying time, the masterpiece was ready for display.

We displayed it on the wall for all to enjoy the art of recycling.


Apr 19

Acid rain experiment

Through this experiment, the preschool students were able to see the effects of acid rain and water pollution or dirty water.

We used a healthy green plant with many bright green leaves and long roots. This pothos plant grows long roots in water. The students can see the roots in the water and understand the parts of the plant.

We poured a household poison (bleach) in the cup of water with the plant. We will wait and observe what happens to the looks of the healthy green leaves and roots on the plant.

One year we poured vinegar in the water in the cup. The leaves began to turn brown and look wilted after a few days.

The students are able to see what happens with unclean rain. They have already learned the water cycle and how rain comes down then evaporates back up into the clouds.

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