Nov 01

Exploring the Sense of Touch

In Science class with Mrs. Judi (, the preschool students learned about and explored the sense of touch and the importance of thumbs.

First, the students put their hands inside a sock to feel different items and guess what they were. There was a fork, a screw, and a rubber band in one sock. They were able to feel the different textures.?

Then, in another sock, they felt different temperatures. In one sock there was a foot warmer to feel hot. In another sock there was a bag of ice to feel cold.

Another student put one mitten on one hand and attempted to pick up a quarter from the floor. Another student put one glove on one hand and attempted to pick up the quarter from the floor. It was much easier to pick up the quarter using the glove rather than the mitten.

Then Mrs. Judi taped the thumb on the gloved hand down so the student only had use of the four fingers and the palm of her hand. She attempted to pick items up with only her fingers and palm. She attempted to turn the door knob, too. It was much more difficult to grip things without the use of the thumb.

Finally, the students tried to take a bite of an apple hanging on a string but they were not allowed to use their hands to hold the apple. They were instructed to put their hands behind their backs and bite the apple. Of course, the string moved and they were unable to take a bite. However, there was one very smart problem-solver who figured out how to use his shoulder and his chin to hold the string in order to get the apple to his mouth. He was almost able to take a bite.

The students talked about the importance of having thumbs on each hand. They talked about animals that do not have thumbs and are unable to pick things up or grip things like humans.

Oct 27

Kids Feeding with Reading

During the month of October the preschool students were challenged to read books (or have someone read books to them for younger students). They were participating in a program seen on Joyce’s blog Childhood Beckons.

During the first week of October the students solicited sponsors to donate a canned food or non-perishable food item for every book they read during the month.

Then, for two weeks, the students read and read and read. They were gaining new adventures and strengthening their language and vocabulary skills with each book they read.

Then during the final week of October, the students collected the canned foods from their sponsors. We plan to donate these foods to local organizations to help with individuals and families in need of healthy foods to eat.

This picture of canned foods is only a small portion of the ?collected cans and non-perishable food items. Thank you so much for your generosity and for your reading adventures.

Oct 25

Sunrise in a Bag science experiment

Preschool students can have a great time learning about solids, liquids, and gasses with this experiment.

Pour a small amount of clear water (liquid) into a plastic bag.?

Squirt a few drops of red dye into the water in the bag. This red dye is found at swimming pool stores.








Dump a spoonful of DampRid into the bag to mix with the red liquid. Seal the bag and allow the students to feel the outside of the bag. The red liquid turns pinkish in color and, amazingly, the bag feels warm.?

Next scoop a spoonful of baking soda into the bag. Seal the bag. ?Watch the gas as it bubbles and fizzes inside the bag. Amazingly, the contents are now turning an off-white beige color. Allow the students to feel the outside of the bag again as it now feels cool.

Science lessons by Judi at


Oct 21

Church Baptism pool

This is a very creative baptism pool. It is located in the lobby (or mall area as it is called in this particular church) and runs as a fountain most of the time.

When a baptism service is scheduled, the fountain is turned off. The minister and the baptism candidate step down into the pool. The worship service room is located on the other side of the wall where the big rock wall is. They have a camera pointed at the minister and the baptism candidate in the pool that is projected onto the large screens in the worship room.

This location of the baptism allows for family and friends to view the baptism up close right next to the fountain pool. The entire church family can view the baptism from the worship room via the big screens. The location of this baptism pool allows for many people in the church to experience baptism. The children from children’s worship can view the baptism as well and then return to their children’s worship room after the baptism.



Oct 16

Painting the fence

Here is a fun outdoor activity for preschool students. Fill paint cups about 1/2 full of water. Give the students a water cup and a paint brush. Have them paint the fence on the playground with water.

This is a different fun activity for them to do on the playground. It is something different to do other than the usual of climbing on the equipment or throwing and kicking balls. Many preschool students love art. Painting the fence with water fulfills this love of art without making a mess of the playground equipment.

Oct 15

In memory of Mandy 1996-2012

Mandy was a great dog.

She was a beagle mix we got when she was 12 weeks old. Her name comes from her place of origin: Mandeville, Louisiana. She came from a vet clinic that got her from an abuse case. Because of her early days, she was very timid and shy, not openly trusting of others.

She loved to play. Her favorite toy was a tennis ball. Her owners would throw the ball and she would run after it and bring it back. She chewed almost all the fuzz off of many tennis balls. There were many bald tennis balls around the house and under the couch.

It was often said that she was part cat with 9 lives. As a puppy she chewed through a lamp cord. That incident left no seen lasting impressions on her. She got the phone cord wrapped around her tail. The phone rang and she dragged the phone down a long hallway with her. No seen lasting impressions with that incident either.

She lived in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Delaware. Her owners were not sure which state she preferred. She made herself at home wherever she was with those who loved her. And she loved them.

She did not like swimming in the lake. She had trouble walking in deep snow. She had trouble running on bare wood-laminate floors. She was always excited to go for a walk and could not get to the door fast enough. The bare floors made it difficult for her to get going on her desired speed. But those bare floors were much easier for her owners to clean up dog hair and spills.

She hurt her leg coming up the steps on the back patio. She tore her cruciate, equivalent to the ACL in humans. Because of her advanced age, the vet did not want to do surgery but recommended?acupuncture. She healed up after a few treatments of acupuncture and one chiropractic treatment. Her owners finally said the budget won’t allow for any more of those treatments. She began taking a dog Joint Aid of?glucosamine with her food. That, combined with a lot of rest daily, allowed her to have plenty of energy and pep in her step in her senior years.

She ate well throughout her life. She only ate dog food though with an occasional crumb that fell on the floor while cooking dinner. She kept the kitchen floor clean of crumbs. She did not like carrots though. She could hear treat bags being opened from several rooms away in the house. She was always ready for a snack.

She was curious and checked out everything, being careful not to miss a spot to smell. She checked out the trash can one night and found chicken wing bones. Later that night her owners heard her hacking underneath the bed. No seen lasting impressions from that incident either.

She was funny about going up and down stairs and steps. On a set of about 2-3 steps she would jump down from the top but walk up each step. On a set of more steps like going down into a basement she would walk all the way down until about the last 2-3 steps and then jump the rest of the way down. She would walk up each of the long stairs though.

Even though she was timid and shy around other people, she did have a friend who would bring her treats. The UPS delivery man was known to bring her a special dog treat on his route.

She let 2 young girls cover her with Mardi Gras beads, and she did not complain at all.

She liked the vet but was happier if she did not have to stay overnight there. They were so good to her though and knew her personal needs.

Goodbye, Mandy, We love you and will miss you.?The pond just got the best of you and your little legs and body was not strong enough for you to swim yourself back to the side. Had you known and seen you were that close to the edge of the pond, you would not have gone in. Say hello to all of our beloved canine companions in that great Doggie Heaven.

Please enjoy some of these pictures of Mandy. Leave a comment of one of your memories of her.

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