Dec 25

Turning Christmas Upside Down

Christmas is a season for giving. That can be a difficult concept for all ages. We love getting. We love giving, too, but we often forget that Christmas is way more than just getting. It is about giving. It is about giving as God gave. His only Son.

This Christmas season we have practiced Advent Conspiracy. There are four aspects of Advent Conspiracy:

Worship Fully. Spend Less. Give More. Love More.

We turned Christmas upside down by practicing the spirit of giving. Preschool students held a coat drive and collected coats for people in need in the community. We gave regular Meals on Wheels drivers a day off on Christmas Day to deliver hot meals to those who need meals everyday. We baked cookies for friends and neighbors. There were many activities this Christmas season where we shared the love of Jesus to others instead of thinking in the spirit of getting.

Notice this Christmas tree is upside down on the wall. In the spirit of giving, we turned Christmas upside down.


Dec 24

Cinnamon ornaments

To make cinnamon Christmas ornaments, mix equal parts cinnamon and apple sauce. Be sure not to get the mixture too sticky.

Form the Christmas shapes with cookie cutters. Bake in a 200 degree oven for about 2 hours.


Dec 23

Lacing is for Fine Motor

Preschool students need a lot of activities to help them with fine motor skills. Lacing cards and activities are great ways to build those fine motor muscles.

The pincher grasp technique of threading laces or strings through small holes helps them build those finger muscles for fine motor skills and pre-writing skills.

Once they accomplish the task of lacing and threading, preschool students are proud of their success. lacing


Dec 22

Toddlers can make their own pizza

For a special treat for younger preschool students, have them make their own pizza. toddlerpizza2

Start with English muffins. Spread on tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce.

Have the students sprinkle on their own shredded cheese.

Place the pizza in a toaster oven to melt the cheese or allow the students to eat it as is. They are not picky when it comes to making their own pizza with a lot of cheese on it.

See this picture…


Dec 22

Toddler problem solving

Even young preschool students and toddlers can problem solve. Students learn at very young ages how to do things and figure out things on their own. They think about it. They work at it. They get frustrated. They succeed.

This young 2 year old student worked for awhile with these big waffle blocks and a crate. She saw that these blocks might just fit inside the crate. She placed one block in the crate. Then she tried putting another block in the crate. She saw that it was not going to work just as she had planned so she removed the blocks and tried it a different way.

After several attempts she was able to get 3 blocks inside that crate. She persevered though until she was able to get the blocks how she wanted them. waffleblocks


Then she laid the blocks out on the ground as a sidewalk pattern to enjoy walking on them.


Dec 21

Candy cane sleigh

This candy cane sleigh makes a great gift for young preschool students or it is a nice art project for older students to make on their own.

This project will work best and hold together much better if constructed with hot glue. *Use caution when using hot glue.

Stand up two candy canes so each one loops upwards. Glue 3-4 mini chocolate bars stacked about mid-way across the candy canes. Glue a chocolate kiss on top of the stack of chocolate bars.


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