The Pumpkin Patch Parable video book reading

The Pumpkin Patch Parable, written by Liz Curtis Higgs and illustrated by Nancy Munger, is a great fall book for young students in preschool.

This is the story of a farmer who plants and harvests vegetables from his farm garden. He features his pumpkin harvest and choosing one special pumpkin to carve a special face and insert a light inside for all to see.

This is an encouraging book for young students about how a farmer takes a simple orange pumpkin and turns it into a beautiful sight, much the same way God makes His children into new creations to shine in a dark world.


Click on the link to listen and read along to the story:


Where the Wild Things Are video book reading

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is a fun book for young preschool students. The artwork is very colorful in this book.

Young students love reading this book and using their imaginations of sailing off in a boat to a forest and meeting wild things or wild beasts.

A great follow-up art project for this book is to make wild things masks. The students can use paper plates to creatively create their own wild thing masks, complete with big eyes and different colored yarn hair. Attach a popsicle stick to the bottom side of the plate for a handle to hold the mask.

This book makes a great play for preschool students as well. Students can create their own props for the forest, the bedroom, and the boat. Then they can choose parts of the story in which they will act it out. A teacher can be the narrator and read the story while the students act it out and do the actions and events as the story unfolds.

Click on the link to watch and read along:

In memory of Calvin Miller

I was saddened to read about the passing of Calvin Miller. See his site here.

We were privileged to attend a conference in London a few years ago. It was a great trip with many great speakers and lots of history to learn.

We met Calvin Miller during that trip. He took us to dinner in London at Pizza Hut. That was his choice for dinner because they were giving toys with dinner and he was collecting them to take back to his grandchildren.

He was a great man. Very easy to talk to. Very down-to-earth. Very practical. I had some of his books with me and he was very honored to autograph them for me. He was not conceited at all and seemed surprised that I would want hisĀ autograph. Very humble. His books all for all ages of people. He had a great concern for the Christian education of children; it showed in his publications for children’s ministry.

See this picture of Calvin Miller with DavidĀ in London:


All by Myself video book reading

As many schools are beginning a new year and students are beginning new classes, the book All By Myself by Mercer Mayer is a great book for preschool classrooms.

Young children are expected to do many things for themselves. New classes and adventures can be very overwhelming to young children. This book is encouraging to let preschool children know they can do things by themselves.





Click the link to read and listen along then watch children grow and mature and try things on their own.


The Great Goat Chase video book reading

The Great Goat Chase by Tony Bonning and Sally Hobson is a great book to include in a theme unit on the farm.

Young children can listen along to the story of a farmer planting his garden of turnips. One day he leaves the gate open and the goats get out and head straight for his turnip field. The farmer’s other animals try to help get the goats out of the field but are unable to do it. There is one unsuspecting animal that is actually successful.

Listen along to see which animal is able to get the goats out of the farmer’s turnip field.




iGeneration computer teachers

This image has been floating around the social media world. This is a great example of how much young children know about computers and the Internet. The iGeneration age of students is younger and younger as children are understanding more and more about technology. This is how they learn. These methods of teaching and learning are interesting to this age group.

This image had the caption “No, grandma, Listen. Double-click the Internet Explorer icon.”?This child becomes so easily frustrated by a command that seems so simple.