Jul 07

books or computers?

This article is more interesting research on Generation Y and how they think and do things. We have to keep information new and alive for the interests of Generation Y.

Jul 06

A new generation title

For years we’ve been titling generational people groups. We’ve had Baby Boomers (born 1943-1960), Generation X (born early 1960′s-early 1980′s), then Millennials (born late 1970′s-2000′s), sometimes called Generation Y. They are the Facebook and MySpace generation, but according to this article in the Washington Post, this generation doesn’t like titles and doesn’t really know where they fit in so some of them have titled themselves as generation Nintendo.

Churches, children’s & youth ministries, and classrooms must recognize that Millennials/Generation Y want to be interactive. We must design our worship settings around experiences in which each individual can be involved. The teacher is the facilitator and the students are the teacher-learners. The facilitator-teacher offers the curriculum and gives the directions and the students learn by doing and participating.

In churches we can teach using video and media techniques then offer interactive games to reinforce the message. These games may look like active play time but the lesson is being reinforced and taught again through interactive play. In classrooms we can offer learning centers of various forms to teach concepts and skills for children to participate in the learning process. It looks like play time but they are learning valuable skills through play.

Jul 05

Creating newsletters

So you have a newsletter or brochure or flyer to get out about an event, but you’ve used the same old design over and over. You want this one to be different so people will take notice and it won’t end up on the floor of the car.

Start with using a different font to grab attention … Design your own font … Fontstruct.

Jul 04

American history

On our nation’s birthday, what better way to celebrate than by visiting the First City in the First State … Lewes, Delaware. We took the bicycles to Cape Henlopen State Park and toured the bike trails, had a picnic lunch overlooking the Dune. What a great day in paradise. God Bless America!

Jul 03

Freedom on Independence Day

On this July 4th weekend we pause to remember our American freedom. We fly the American flag. We wear the American colors red, white, and blue. We watch fireworks. Some of us eat American food: hotdogs and apple pie. Some of us drive Chevrolets.

May we all remember that we are created by God and loved by Him. We can enjoy freedom in Christ. He is our Father who loves and cares for us everyday.

Jun 17

Encouragement for small church ministries

When church attendance is extremely low, small churches ministers sometimes wonder if what they are doing is working and if they are sharing Christ’s love to others. We plan and study and coordinate lessons and activities. When the weekend rolls around, we have low numbers show up. Discouraging …but we must remember, it’s not the numbers …it’s the people. They need Jesus’ message and our love. Read the following excerpt from the interview…

Here is an excerpt from an interview with the Veggie Tales creator: For the full interview, follow this link

What advice would you have for a little church with zero budget that wanted to be more relevant for kids in the media/information age?

Focus on the things you can do that Nickelodeon and Disney can’t. You can tell a story – with eye contact and audience participation. You can hug. You can take kids on adventures outside – parks, pools, etc. You can make things together. Never assume that because kids sit in front of a screen at home, they should sit in front of a screen at church. Get up and move around. Sing. Years from now, those kids won’t remember what shows they watched or what video games they played. But they’ll remember the church worker that loved them.

What is one word of encouragement you would give to everyday children’s ministry volunteers?

A smiling face and ready hug is worth more than a 50? plasma and an X-Box. Never forget that.

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