Nov 09

boys or girls

Throughout my several years of teaching elementary students, early childhood students, and doing children’s-family ministry, I haven’t encountered any children who acted like or wanted to be the opposite gender than the one in which they were created. However, after reading 2 recent articles (this article and this article) on transgender children, it makes me think about what we are facing in 21st Century children’s ministry.

This isn’t a time of children’s ministry as in the 1980’s or even in the 1990’s. We cannot plan and develop small group classes like we used to. We must form groups to meet the needs of all children in attendance. Maybe segregated classes don’t meet children’s needs; maybe we should form co-ed classes with the occasional boys’ group and girls’ group. Of course, small group formation all depends on who is in attendance and the needs of the group and the needs of community. One region of the country may be dealing with different circumstances and needs than other regions.

We must do our research. Get out of the office. Talk to and meet people. Find out what they are dealing with and guide our churches and ministries to develop a plan to help.

Nov 09

East meets West

The design of the groom’s cake at our wedding was a football field.? There were little football player figures painted crimson & white on one side, orange & blue on the other side. The yard lines were marked with ribbons across the green icing on top of the cake. A very significant symbol of one of our interests: college football, specifically Alabama and Florida.

The football field will once again look like our groom’s cake as these 2 teams meet again to battle for the SEC championship title. The Florida Gators vs. the Alabama Crimson Tide. It’s going to be a tough game. So far, Bama is undefeated; the Gators have one loss.

Stock up on the football snacks and get ready for the cheers and probably some moans and groans. It’s gonna be a loud Saturday.

Nov 04

A help resource for tween girls

Issues that once faced teen girls are now, and have been for many years, facing tween-age girls, and some girls even younger than that. It’s amazing how girls are pushed, forced, and encouraged to “grow up” and act older than their age. A multitude of factors contribute to this push: friends, family, media. Emotionally some girls are ready; some are not.

Here is an article about an author who writes fiction and non-fiction books for tween girls. Amazing story.

Nov 03

Top reasons to vote

1. We are electing a new president.

2. Your vote does count.

3. You may reside in a swing state where it is crucial to make your vote count.

4. You need to elect your representatives to Congress.

5. Local elections are just as crucial as presidential elections.

6. You need to voice your vote on amendments.

7. Life is a democracy. A democratic government requires citizen participation and this is chiefly done through the ballot box.

So, go VOTE. It’s your right and responsibility.

Oct 28

Students (anyone) in church

There’s an interesting article in the newspaper about high school students dropping out of school before they graduate. If they aren’t staying in school, what makes us think they will stay in church?

One student is quoted in the article as saying “Learning should be fun.” She’s tired of learning and listening to teachers lecture from textbooks. She appreciates the teachers who “go beyond” and involve them in the learning process. We can understand that these students who are bored and not interested in classes at school aren’t going to be interested in church services and classes of the same format.

We must liven up our church services and classes and make them interesting and appealing to students (and anyone, for that matter). We must meet people on their learning levels and styles. We need to vary our teaching methods and offer a variety of ways to communicate the message.

Be creative. Involve attendees in the message.

Oct 14

Eat, Pray, Love

I ran across a newspaper article on the author of Eat, Pray, Love. I was intrigued by the title of this book and had to see what the article was about since I haven’t read the book. Amazon describes the book as “One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia.” That wasn’t what I was expecting to be the content of the book, but it inspired me to think of how we, as Christ-followers, should follow the words of the title.

But maybe we don’t even need to use all 3 words, or in that order. I suggest maybe we use Pray, Love, Eat. If we start with prayer for others, add in love for them, then share a meal with them, then we can build a relationship possibly lasting a lifetime. Just as Jesus did.

Or maybe we just use the words Pray, Like, Eat. If we start with prayer for others and then share a meal or maybe only coffee with them, then the Like may turn to Love as it grows and blossoms later, as the relationship builds.

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