Oct 28

Students (anyone) in church

There’s an interesting article in the newspaper about high school students dropping out of school before they graduate. If they aren’t staying in school, what makes us think they will stay in church?

One student is quoted in the article as saying “Learning should be fun.” She’s tired of learning and listening to teachers lecture from textbooks. She appreciates the teachers who “go beyond” and involve them in the learning process. We can understand that these students who are bored and not interested in classes at school aren’t going to be interested in church services and classes of the same format.

We must liven up our church services and classes and make them interesting and appealing to students (and anyone, for that matter). We must meet people on their learning levels and styles. We need to vary our teaching methods and offer a variety of ways to communicate the message.

Be creative. Involve attendees in the message.

Oct 14

Eat, Pray, Love

I ran across a newspaper article on the author of Eat, Pray, Love. I was intrigued by the title of this book and had to see what the article was about since I haven’t read the book. Amazon describes the book as “One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia.” That wasn’t what I was expecting to be the content of the book, but it inspired me to think of how we, as Christ-followers, should follow the words of the title.

But maybe we don’t even need to use all 3 words, or in that order. I suggest maybe we use Pray, Love, Eat. If we start with prayer for others, add in love for them, then share a meal with them, then we can build a relationship possibly lasting a lifetime. Just as Jesus did.

Or maybe we just use the words Pray, Like, Eat. If we start with prayer for others and then share a meal or maybe only coffee with them, then the Like may turn to Love as it grows and blossoms later, as the relationship builds.

Oct 02

Walk to School

I guess it depends a lot on where you live and where you have to walk, but this Walk to School Day could be a good idea for physical activity and avoiding the overcrowding of vehicles in front of schools. Safety would definitely need to be of utmost importance.

What if we tried that with Walk to Church Day? Many of us would probably choose churches closer to home and within our neighborhoods. This concept may get us out of the house and out of the car and out to meet new friends.

Sep 23

Everything goes Green

With an Earth-friendly emphasis, why not have an Earth-friendly Green Bible?

Sep 19

Race fan

I was never much of a race fan growing up. I grew up most of my life in central Florida and it was too far from Daytona to really even care about racing. It wasn’t one of the most popular sports anyway.

In the most recent years, though, I’ve grown to like racing and often watch the Nascar races on tv on the weekends. We’ve lived 10 minutes from Dover International Speedway for 4 years and tonight was my first experience at a race. Someone at work had free tickets so why not?!

It wasn’t one of the biggest races, so I didn’t see my favorite M&M car or Jeff Gordon or Carl Edwards flipping over backwards out of his car, but it was an experience … an experience that I’ll remember … the excitement, the thrill, the noise, the drivers logos and trucks … quite interesting.

Sep 10

It’s what’s inside

I love the motto for Lanier office products. Everything we do and say on the outside comes from what’s inside. It’s what’s inside that makes us who we are on the outside. This concept is applied to many aspects of life: personal, business, church.

Jesus looked at our hearts. What’s inside our hearts mattered the most to Him. What’s inside our hearts comes out for everyone to see and hear and experience.

May the love of Jesus be in our hearts and shine brightly outside for all to experience.

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