Jun 26

Easy Octopus preschool art

This octopus is an easy art project for young toddlers and 2-year-old preschool students. Use a large sheet of white paper. Cut slits about half-way up the paper. Roll the paper into a tube shape and tape or staple it together. Decorate a face with eyes.


Jun 26

Handprint Crabs

This art project is great for a preschool theme on Beach Week. Paint the young students’ hands with red paint and place their handprints on construction paper. Add eyes to the end of the thumbprints.

This could be a frame-able picture to keep for years like the footprint lobster.


Jun 26

Sprinkler Day Fun in Preschool

We put the recycled 2-liter bottle sprinkler to use on Water Day in Preschool Summer Camp as a part of the Beach Week Theme.


Jun 24

Transportation Week in Preschool

During Transportation Week in preschool summer camp, the students learned about the progression of vehicles and transportation throughout the years of history.

They started the week with a visit from a horse and hearing how horses were used on farms as well as modes of transportation.

Then they had visits from classic cars: a 1915 Model T and a 1955 Chevy. They loved hearing the different horns and seeing the different seats and seatbelts. These cars were so much different from their cars they ride in today.

Then the preschool students were given the freedom to build their own cars and trucks out of art materials consisting of foam pieces and bottle caps. IMG_1877IMG_1882


Jun 23

From a 2-liter bottle to a Sprinkler

I saw this homemade sprinkler highlighted online and had to try it myself to be used for water day during Beach Week.

Use an empty 2-liter soda bottle. Drill small holes in the sides of the bottle at various spots around the bottle. Attach the water hose with an adapter on the end of it into the mouth of the soda bottle. Turn on the water. Once the bottle fills up with water, then it starts to squirt out of the drilled holes.

This sprinkler will make a great water day for the younger preschool students (toddlers-2 year olds), but the older preschool students will enjoy it as well.


Jun 18

Preschool students learning to Marshall an airplane

During Transportation week in Summer Camp, we had a visit from the local municipal airport to talk to the young preschool students about air travel. They brought many pictures of different airplanes and aircrafts.

Then they allowed the students to dress as airport personnel and marshall a plane in for a safe landing. The students loved wearing the bright yellow vests and using the lighted wands to signal the person pretending to be a plane.


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