Mar 13

Outdoor preschool kitchen area

The temperatures are warming up and it is nice for the preschool students to play outside. They have been learning all about nutrition and healthy eating habits and the food pyramid. They have enjoyed setting up a restaurant in the classroom housekeeping center. They developed a menu and have one or two friends sit down at their housekeeping table to order food at their restaurant.

With the warmer temperatures outside, we decided to move the kitchen outside, too. I read often about the outdoor kitchen play space at other blogs. Click here to see this one.??Out outdoor kitchen is not near as elaborate but the students had fun digging and scooping in the dirt and adding grass to their cooking experiences. I think there will be more outdoor kitchen time for these preschool students.


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  1. Kierna

    Hi Brenna – thanks for linking up & commenting. Looks like your weather is starting to really warm up. It’s it amazing how much fun they can have with just some mud, grass, sticks etc.? Kierna

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Yes, it has been very nice to get outside this week. Looking forward to more nice outside play days before the hot summer months.

  3. abbie

    So glad you are adding the outdoor play element to the school learning experience! You should ask your parents if they have any old pots, pans, utensils, etc. that you could use. The kids will just love using real kitchen tools with the mud, grass and sand!
    Great work. Thanks for joining the outdoor play party!

  4. Brenna Phillips

    Thanks. The students had fun just being allowed to dig in the dirt. haha. I wish we had more dirt areas for them to dig and scoop.

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