Mar 31

Life in the Exclamation Points

There is a Facebook feed going around posted by my favorite author Len Sweet about how we grow and develop through life. Life begins as a tiny dot, a period, and grows into a comma, a small curve opening up and spreading out from the dot. As we continue to develop and grow, we become more vertical and straight up like an exclamation point. We continue as that exclamation point for years until we begin to curve around again into a question mark shape during our older years.

How are we living our exclamation point years? Are we living straight up, living life standing tall and strong? Or are we trying to curl up back into that comma position?

Life was meant to be lived and loved. May we show God how proud we are to be His child and live life to the fullest during those years we have the strength to stand tall. The more we stand tall, the longer we will likely stand tall and strong.

God, may we live and love life in the exclamation points.


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