Oct 15

Investigating fall leaves in preschool

My preschool class went on a nature walk to collect fall leaves. They love outside nature walks. They love collecting things from nature. We brought the leaves inside the classroom and dumped them out on the table to investigate.

We measured the leaves. We looked at the differences in the leaves. We counted the leaves. We compared the sizes of the leaves. We looked at the colors of the leaves. We put the leaves in categories by size, shape, and color. We noted how brittle some of the leaves were and how easily they crumple and crunch.

We talked about why leaves change color and noted that they don’t really change colors. Their true colors only show more because they aren’t able to get as much sun in the fall due to cooler temperatures and shorter times of daylight and sunlight.

We learned about gravity as the force that makes the leaves fall to the ground, just like the force that holds us down to the ground. We recalled our discussion of gravity from space week when we talked about astronauts having no gravity in space and on the moon.

There were many subject areas included in this activity of leaf investigation: math, science, comparing, colors.

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