Nov 10

Hula hoop fun in preschool

With the importance of outdoor play emphasized in the lives of young children, we are always looking for new and different ways to play outside and get exercise.

I saw this post on ways to use hula hoops for outdoor fun and exercise. I decided to post pictures of how my students used the hula hoops recently. It had been awhile since we got the hoops out but they enjoyed it. Sometimes that’s all it takes: put things away for awhile and then bring them back out later. It’s like new toys again.

They rolled the hula hoops across the ground.

They took the hula hoops out to the open grassy field to tossed them to see how far they could throw them.

They did the traditional twist with the hula hoops and twirled them on their arms and necks and legs and ankles.

They’re favorite way to use them was throwing them in the field and running to get it and do it again.



  1. Susan Case

    Great ideas for exercise! I love hula Hoops. I can’t even imagine how many have been made. I used them eons ago as a girl and was quite good at spinning them around my waist. Now IU’m glad to have some other ideas as the waist has expanded. Great photos!

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Hula hoops are one of those old toys that remain a hit with young children. Nothing you have to plug in or wind up. Children can be creative with them and use them for all sorts of outdoor activities and play time and exercise. Some children have a harder time with twirling them on their waists but they are impressed and happy with themselves if they can twirl them just for a couple seconds.

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