Jan 22

God changes hearts with cookies and carrots




How does God change hearts with cookies and carrots? Use this illustration to teach school age children in children’s worship about how God can change hearts.

Make a list of what is good and bad about a cookie and a carrot. Here are some examples of how cookies and carrots are good and bad:

Cookies taste good but they have a lot of sugar. There are many varieties of cookies but when we eat too many we gain weight. Carrots are healthy vegetables but do not taste as good as cookies. Carrots are good for our eyesight but there are not as many varieties to choose.

Cookies are like the worldly pleasures. Carrots are like the Godly choices. We like the worldly pleasures but they are often not the best choices. The Godly choices are often not the most fun choices. We must make the decision to choose the Godly choices even though they may not be the most fun choices, but they are the best choices. They are God’s choices. The worldly choices may be more fun but they may not be the best choices or God’s choices.

In the long run, if we continue to make Godly choices, we may eventually prefer them over the worldly ones.

That is God changing our hearts.

…illustration adapted from David C. Cook’s TruMinistry curriculum

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