Feb 08

Go. Set. Ready.

“If we don’t get out of the boat, we’ll never walk on water.”

How many times have we said we will do or start something when we are ready? We say it all the time. During the Christmas holidays, we often say we will get together with someone else after the holidays, when things slow down. We often say we will start something when we finish something else. We say we will start something when we have enough money.

In reality, when is it really the right time? Will we really ever have enough money? We will really ever have enough time? Do things really ever slow down?

There are always activities and events to fill our calendars. There is always something to on which to spend our money. There is always something for which we want to save money and purchase or do.

We say: Get ready. Get set. Go. We really need to be saying: Go. Set. Ready.

We may never really feel ready before we have to go for it. We must just go for it and have faith that God will provide and pave the path for us to be ready. True faith is tough but God knows the path. All we have to do is follow Him, and He will make us ready.

We don’t have to see the entire path or the entire staircase. All we need to do is take that first step following God and He will lead the way for us to be ready.

Go… Set… Ready. Just go. Follow God’s path. He will not let us down.

Thoughts shared from Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson

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