Nov 18

Gideon, 300 men, and a torch

This children’s ministry lesson comes from Judges 6-8. Gideon is leading the Israelites. God reduced Gideon’s army down to only 300 men:

God?said to Gideon: ?I?ll use the three hundred men who lapped at the stream to save you and give Midian into your hands. All the rest may go home.? Judges 7:7

Then the people moved in, doing as Gideon told them: “When I and those with me blow the trumpets, you also, all around the camp, blow your trumpets and shout, ?For?God?and for Gideon!” verses 16-18

For an art project to remember the work of Gideon’s army, here is an easy torch project:

Use a paper lunch bag or paper towel roll. Tear strips of orange, red, and yellow paper and glue to the top inside of the bag or roll to be the torch flame.

This becomes a great reminder of the tools the army used in the battle.

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