Jul 15

From sidewalk chalk to sidewalk paint

We experimented with sidewalk paint during our water day activities. I recently read another blog post highlighting this activity and thought we would give it a try to add something new to our water day adventures.

We crushed up little pieces of sidewalk chalk and added water to the chalk powder. It was fun to create pictures on the sidewalk and blacktop on the playground, and it cleaned up well, too.

This was a great activity for those students who don’t always like to run through the sprinklers as much as others. They were content to play in the puddles on the ground and paint.


  1. Sara at School

    What a fun idea! I bet the kids enjoyed it – and who doesn’t have tons of little pieces of chalk???

  2. Brenna Phillips

    Thank you for commenting. Yes, there are always little pieces of chalk and this is a different activity for using those chalk pieces.

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