Apr 11

Frogs, lily pads, and cattails, oh my!

This lesson plan is for the early childhood classroom. This is great for teaching about Pond Life.

Draw and cut out a pond shape with big blue bulletin board paper. Cut out strips of green paper to be pond grass and glue on the blue pond. Cut out lily pad shapes as round green circles with a slit cut into one side. Glue a flower on the lily pad.

Glue some fish on the pond.

Place the pond on the floor in the block center. Line up wood blocks like a dock sticking out into the water.?

Cut out some fish shapes and attach paperclips to the fish. Attach a magnet to the end of a dowel rod and catch fish by connecting the magnet to the paperclips on the fish.

Provide rubber ducks and stuffed frogs in the pond.

In the science sensory table, create a pond habitat. Fill the table with water. Throw some artificial grass in the water along with some play fish.

Go fishing for letters. Use the magnet fishing pole created for fishing in the pond to fish for magnet letters.


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