Apr 25

Find your resonate tribe

Resonance, in physics, explains the sense we have when we meet our people. Resonance occurs when an object’s natural vibration frequency responds to an external stimulus of the same frequency. If we know an object’s natural rate of vibration, we can make it vibrate without touching it. We are feeling something or experiencing something in common with people. This is connection.

We resonate with our people at the same frequency when we share the same view through the same lens and we value the same things. Amos and God were in sync with one another when God did the punishing and Amos told Israel it was Him doing it. Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? (Amos 3:3).

Connection comes not from finding people who view the world from a right-wrong perspective. True connection comes from finding natural kinships within diverse groups or tribes.

Success is often determined by being on the right bus with the right people who have a like passion and purpose. Who is in your tribe? With whom have you connected? Who shares your same passion and purpose? With whom have you resonated?

Connect with your people.

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