Mar 10

Ezra Jack Keats’ Birthday

March 11 is the birthday of author?Ezra Jack Keats. Many people know of him from his many children’s books. One favorite book is The Snowy Day. Another favorite book but sometimes lesser know is Kitten for a Day.

We did a fun activity in the preschool classroom to celebrate Keats’ birthday. Preschool students love to pretend. To encourage their imaginations and language and vocabulary skills, we made a list of animals they would like to be for a day.

Each student completed the following sentence:

If I could be an animal for a day, I would be…?

We received many answers from the preschool students. Very creative answers in which the students thought on their own and did not repeat what the friend before them said.

Examples of animals for a day were giraffe, elephant, dog, and lion. This is a great activity for encouraging young children to speak in a group setting and use their language and vocabulary skills.


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