Jan 10

Experimenting with ice in preschool

During mitten week in preschool and in order to get the full effect and experience wearing mittens/gloves and not wearing mittens/gloves, the students put small toys in bowls of water to freeze in the freezer overnight.

They filled several bowls with water then put one or two small toys in each bowl. Then they put the bowls in the freezer overnight. They froze legos, a small dinosaur, small pieces of play food, and little characters.

The next day they got the bowls out of the freezer. The water was now ice and the toys were frozen into bowls. They were able to see and feel the difference of touching the ice with their bare hands and with mittens/gloves on.

They loved trying to get the toys out of the ice. They talked about what was happening to the ice as it was out of the freezer and beginning to melt.

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  1. Katherines corner

    Our grandchildren would love these. Everything is better with sprinkles right, giggle. Hugs P.S> thank you for sharing at the hop my friend 🙂

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