Nov 25

Cheese puffs toss

Here is a fun game for children’s ministry groups.

Spread out a round plastic cloth on the floor. Draw large circles on the plastic floor-covering like a target. .Label the outside circle with 5 points, the middle circle with 10 points, and the smallest inside circle with 20 points.

Have one student stand in the small inside circle. Place a shower cap on her head and cover the cap with shaving cream.

Choose another student to stand about 3-5 steps back from the edge of the plastic floor-covering. Toss a cheese puff towards the student’s head in the center of the target.

Points are awarded as to where the cheese puff lands. If the cheese puff sticks in the shaving cream on her head, that’s 20 points.

This is a fun team activity to start off a group session.


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  1. Susan Case

    You are one brave teacher! I’m sure the children LOVE this. Pinning it.

  2. Brenna Phillips

    This was a group of school-agers in children’s worship at church and the game was a collaborative effort from 2 teachers working the class that day. The idea was from a third teacher/coordinator but she wasn’t in the room when the game was played, LOL.

  3. The Iowa Farmer's Wife

    Oh my gosh this is hysterical! What a fun game! Thanks for sharing on The Sunday Showcase!

  4. Brenna Phillips

    The game was funny and unusual. Always something different to do. Thanks for commenting.

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