Mar 15

Chalkboard placemats review

Young children learn by doing and they love art projects. When given the opportunity to choose interest learning centers in the early childhood classroom, teachers often find that preschool students gravitate toward the art center. They love free art and are very creative when given art materials to construct their own projects.

Here is one item that fits right in with free art projects to appeal to young students. I was sent these chalkboard placemats to use in the preschool classroom for review. The students enjoyed working with these placemats. The kit comes with 4 placemats, a box of colored chalk, and a small sponge. One of the advantages of this item is the free art and drawing capabilities. Students can color on each placemat and pretend to draw their favorite foods. When teaching a unit on healthy nutrition, teachers can ask students to draw a healthy meal that includes all four food groups. With advantages to all projects comes disadvantages. One disadvantage of this item is the chalk dust that comes with the coloring process and the dangers of childhood allergies.

I would recommend these chalk placemats for use in an older preschool pre-k classroom because students of this age group can understand more of how to draw food items on the plate. This item would make a good addition to the art center during the healthy nutrition theme unit for pre-k students. Younger preschool students end up just coloring in the plate and not really drawing the desire nutritional food groups as they do not really understand the concept of the study unit.

Find the chalk placemats by clicking here. Follow this link to the Uncommon Goods Products. 


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