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My Story. A Guest post

I guest posted my story in the Danger Days series. Click here to read my story and how God has never let go and His love never fails.

The Power Bible Review

powerbibleIf you are looking for a way to get children interested in reading and the Bible, the Power Bible is a different choice for them. This Bible story book is written like a comic book with colorful pictures and images.

The chapters are divided into sections to cover individual Bible stories. There are creative characters in each story drawn as cartoon characters.

Many of the characters are drawn to look like children themselves so children can place themselves in the stories and feel a personal life application as they read.


Published by Green Egg Media, the Bible story book is written on a younger elementary reading level with easy-to-read words and language.


I still remember

On this day 9/11/13 the reaction is still fresh in my mind of the tragic news of 9/11/01. I remember where I was and what I was doing. Can you remember on your own or do you have to recall facts, information, and reactions from other’s perspectives?

I often think back to the pre-k class I was teaching at that time. There were two students who were having 5 year old birthdays that day. A big day in the life of a child. Today, I think about those students. They are 17 today. I can hardly believe they are that old and I wonder where they are now. I wonder if they can remember the events on this day 12 years ago.

Happy birthday to my former pre-k friends.

And to America: I still remember and pray for you and for the friends and families of those who lost much more than a birthday celebration that day.

Necessary skills in today’s workforce

Individuals must possess many skills for job success. Job skills are similar for different professions and careers. Multiple job skills are imperative for job success. If employees only have one or two skills and are lacking in other ways, they are missing out on important elements of their work life and career. The possession of many job skills makes for well-rounded employees.

Teamwork is a major factor in job success. Employees must be able and willing to work on a team. They not only must be called to the team, they must be commissioned to the team. When employees are called to work on the team, they are team members. When they are commissioned to work on the team, they are actually playing and working in the game. Commissioned employees give more energy, enthusiasm, and effort to the team as a whole.

A second important job skill is flexibility. Employees must be flexible in their jobs and work duties. Flexibility is essentially important in the educational field. Teachers write lesson plans each week with their goals and ideas to meet learning standards. However, students give the true lesson plan evaluations. If the students are not understanding and comprehending the material, then the teachers must revise their plans and teaching methods. Plans and activities and the methods to carry out those plans may work for one class or student but may not work for another. Teachers must be flexible and devise an alternative plan to meet the desired goal and standards.

Flexibility plays a big part in lesson plans but also plays a big role in teachers as well. Teachers write their lesson plans for their own classes but many times some teachers are out of work, causing other teachers to share their workload and have double class sizes for the day. These situations are unfortunate but often must be done due to staffing availability or budget resources. With larger class sizes and different students, teachers often must revise their lesson plans to accommodate these differences. They must be flexible with what they have planned and how they have planned to implement activities and assignments.

Sharing classes leads to another important job skill: sharing resources. As teachers, it is important to share resources. Teachers in the same grade level and on the same grade team must learn to and be willing to share resources. They can share books, activities, ideas, lessons, and even special guest speakers. Sharing resources is directly related to teamwork and being commissioned to work on the team. Many teachers become territorial throughout their years of teaching experience. They have their own things and ways of using things and often become competitive with fellow teachers. It is important to collaborate and share resources with teammates in order to do the job and tasks together to reach a desired outcome.

Another skill closely related to sharing resources and teamwork is having open communication. Employees must be able to speak openly to and with their teammates and communicate their needs and ideas. When employees hold back their feelings and frustrations from another during a project, the work is slow to be completed and is often not completed satisfactorily. Employees must be able to openly communicate with one other in order to accomplish goals and complete work projects on time for the benefit of the company.

The multiple skills highlighted are essential characteristics for job success. With these skills, employees can be strong individuals and will work to benefit and grow companies and institutions. These skills ultimately create a teamwork approach that lead to accomplishing tasks necessary to operate businesses as a whole.


Scrambled Christmas songs

How many of the following Christmas songs can you identify by the initials of the first line of the song?

Example: OCAYF = O Come, All Ye Faithful

Read all the way to the bottom of the list. You could be a winner!
































In memory of Mandy 1996-2012

Mandy was a great dog.

She was a beagle mix we got when she was 12 weeks old. Her name comes from her place of origin: Mandeville, Louisiana. She came from a vet clinic that got her from an abuse case. Because of her early days, she was very timid and shy, not openly trusting of others.

She loved to play. Her favorite toy was a tennis ball. Her owners would throw the ball and she would run after it and bring it back. She chewed almost all the fuzz off of many tennis balls. There were many bald tennis balls around the house and under the couch.

It was often said that she was part cat with 9 lives. As a puppy she chewed through a lamp cord. That incident left no seen lasting impressions on her. She got the phone cord wrapped around her tail. The phone rang and she dragged the phone down a long hallway with her. No seen lasting impressions with that incident either.

She lived in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Delaware. Her owners were not sure which state she preferred. She made herself at home wherever she was with those who loved her. And she loved them.

She did not like swimming in the lake. She had trouble walking in deep snow. She had trouble running on bare wood-laminate floors. She was always excited to go for a walk and could not get to the door fast enough. The bare floors made it difficult for her to get going on her desired speed. But those bare floors were much easier for her owners to clean up dog hair and spills.

She hurt her leg coming up the steps on the back patio. She tore her cruciate, equivalent to the ACL in humans. Because of her advanced age, the vet did not want to do surgery but recommended?acupuncture. She healed up after a few treatments of acupuncture and one chiropractic treatment. Her owners finally said the budget won’t allow for any more of those treatments. She began taking a dog Joint Aid of?glucosamine with her food. That, combined with a lot of rest daily, allowed her to have plenty of energy and pep in her step in her senior years.

She ate well throughout her life. She only ate dog food though with an occasional crumb that fell on the floor while cooking dinner. She kept the kitchen floor clean of crumbs. She did not like carrots though. She could hear treat bags being opened from several rooms away in the house. She was always ready for a snack.

She was curious and checked out everything, being careful not to miss a spot to smell. She checked out the trash can one night and found chicken wing bones. Later that night her owners heard her hacking underneath the bed. No seen lasting impressions from that incident either.

She was funny about going up and down stairs and steps. On a set of about 2-3 steps she would jump down from the top but walk up each step. On a set of more steps like going down into a basement she would walk all the way down until about the last 2-3 steps and then jump the rest of the way down. She would walk up each of the long stairs though.

Even though she was timid and shy around other people, she did have a friend who would bring her treats. The UPS delivery man was known to bring her a special dog treat on his route.

She let 2 young girls cover her with Mardi Gras beads, and she did not complain at all.

She liked the vet but was happier if she did not have to stay overnight there. They were so good to her though and knew her personal needs.

Goodbye, Mandy, We love you and will miss you.?The pond just got the best of you and your little legs and body was not strong enough for you to swim yourself back to the side. Had you known and seen you were that close to the edge of the pond, you would not have gone in. Say hello to all of our beloved canine companions in that great Doggie Heaven.

Please enjoy some of these pictures of Mandy. Leave a comment of one of your memories of her.

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