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Jul 28

Talk less, listen more

It is amazing how much teachers can learn from their students when they listen more. Teachers often talk too much and think they have to be talking to be teaching. Teachers are intense learners. They can learn from their students and more learning will take place if teachers listen more to their students. Both parties …

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Jul 27

Moses and Superman

Here is an interesting article comparing Moses to Superman. What a great way to connect the Bible hero to a modern-day hero. This would make an interesting connection in a children’s small group study. Click here for the article.

Jul 26

Let Jesus live through us

Click on this link for a short clip of the Holy Rewired teaching session. To learn more about how to live holy and wholly and allow Jesus to live through you and in you, click here for the book.

Jul 21

Preschool transitions

Transitions can be difficult for young children. They get used to one class, and then as they grow older, it is time for them to move on to another class or group. Those transition times can be stressful and emotional on young lives. This book will help give young children an idea of what to …

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Jul 16

Noah illustrations

Here is a link to the illustrator on the Noah and the flood children’s book project we are working on. Click here.

Jul 15

Good teachers

I found the following article on one of my favorite blogs by Maryellen Weimer. Click here for the article. A good teacher wants to be a good teacher??Teaching has to be its own reward.? (p. 809) Reward and recognition are fine, but they cannot provide the motivation necessary to achieve teaching excellence. The diligence necessary …

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