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Aug 21

Let us pray

I recently found this picture on a friend’s Facebook page. She said when the preacher said “let us pray” at a wedding, her little boy bowed his head. That’s what it is all about. We teach them at young ages. We model what to do. Then they demonstrate on their own what they have learned.

Aug 13

Every move I make…

… move up to children’s worship. It’s that time of year. Transition time. New class time. Larger classes. More children. Older children. Make the transition moving up easier with this book: Savannah Goes to Children’s Worship. Click on the title or see the book link to the right of this post to place your order …

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Aug 10

preschool mission project

People of all ages can be involved in missions. Any kind of mission project. One 4 year old Bible study class at my mom and dad’s church made cards for people who are not well enough or able to attend church right now. Here is the card they made for my mom while she is …

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Aug 07

Back to school or home school?

This video is meant to be fun and is in NO way a slap or blow at homeschool families. I have great friends who homeschool their children. There are many reasons for homeschooling. Homeschooling can be very effective and beneficial and depends on the needs of each family. Click on the link for the following …

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Aug 03

Back to school

It’s almost time for students to go back to school. Many of them will go to new schools. It can be stressful enough just going to a new class and a new teacher. It is even more stressful going to a completely new school and environment. Start early talking about the transition with children. Talk …

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Aug 02

From preschool to children

Here is an excerpt from Savannah Goes to Children’s Worship. Preschoolers grow up and are older and are ready to move on to bigger classes. However, those classes can be overwhelming to young children at first. They have been in a preschool class with only other children their ages. Now they are older and being …

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