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Sep 11

I remember

When big events and tragedies happen, we remember where we were and what we were doing at the time. The Space Shuttle Challenger. Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. John F. Kennedy’s assassination. (I was born after those last 2 but I hear people all the time saying where they were.) There are numerous events …

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Sep 10

A millennial encounter

I had an experience with a true millennial student in the late afternoon of September 10, 2010. It was Patriot’s Day, the day to remember 9/11 and the families and victims surrounding the tragic events of that day 9 years ago. We were asked to wear red, white, and blue in remembrance of the day. …

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Sep 08

Children love animals

Almost every student in my early childhood class loves animals. They love farm week when we learn about animals on the farm. They love zoo week when we learn which animals live at the zoo. One 4 year old boy cannot get enough of the classroom science center where he can experience all kinds of …

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Sep 05

21st Century Learners

Children have been learning by doing and through play for years. In the 21st Century, students learn by doing in different ways. They want to create — digitally and electronically. Are we engaging them and allowing them to create on a 21st Century level? Watch this video to see what 21st Century learners want: 21st …

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Aug 31

Noah followed God

I received low-resolution pictures of almost all the illustrations for my next illustrated children’s book on Noah and the flood. The color drawings are amazing. The book is coming soon, possibly by late September or early October. Story by Brenna Phillips Illustrations by Kristie Chamlee Take a look at this drawing showing Noah choosing to …

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Aug 25

Take a risk to succeed

Once again I read an article about a positive way to succeed in adventures and life tasks. Awhile back I read in Len Sweet’s AquaChurch 2.0 book his advice for being a risk-taker. Read that post by clicking here. Most recently I read an article about an educator who credits much of her success to …

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