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My Story. A Guest post

I guest posted my story in the Danger Days series. Click here to read my story and how God has never let go and His love never fails.

What do a can opener, a pencil sharpener, and a lock have to do with Jesus?







Where do we go when things get too tough and get to be too much for us? How do we relax and keep our focus on Jesus?

Use this object lesson to teach how Jesus got away and knew how to keep his focus on His Heavenly Father.

Materials: a can opener, a can, a pencil sharpener, an unsharpened pencil, a key, a lock, a bottle, and a bottle opener

Choose 4 children to each hold on to one of the following items: the can opener, the pencil sharpener, the lock, and the bottle opener.

Choose 4 more children to choose one of the remaining items in the bag: the can, the unsharpened pencil, the key, or the bottle.

When each child chooses an item, ask him to choose which of the other objects his item goes with, which object the item works, opens, or operates.

Once the children decide the correct item and object, talk about how appropriately each item matches the correct objects. It would be silly to try to sharpen the pencil with a bottle opener or unlock the can opener with the key.

Each object was made for a purpose and has a direct job to perform. Say that the children knew which item goes with which object without much help at all. But sometimes we all need help. Where do we go for help? Where did Jesus go for help?

Luke 5:16 explains that Jesus decided to go away to a quiet place and talk to His Father. Jesus knew where to go to ask for help. He knew He needed time away to listen and pray.

As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer.We all must learn where we can go for quiet time and learning.

The Power Bible Review

powerbibleIf you are looking for a way to get children interested in reading and the Bible, the Power Bible is a different choice for them. This Bible story book is written like a comic book with colorful pictures and images.

The chapters are divided into sections to cover individual Bible stories. There are creative characters in each story drawn as cartoon characters.

Many of the characters are drawn to look like children themselves so children can place themselves in the stories and feel a personal life application as they read.


Published by Green Egg Media, the Bible story book is written on a younger elementary reading level with easy-to-read words and language.


Strawinsky Video Review

The following video is geared for school-age children to teach a lesson. The video is done with clear, crisp animations where characters teach a lesson through story and music and singing. The story appeals to the visual needs and interests of young children and offers quality education in a technology mode. The story teaches the importance of books and reading while appealing to the video interests of young students.

Click the following link to view the video:

I still remember

On this day 9/11/13 the reaction is still fresh in my mind of the tragic news of 9/11/01. I remember where I was and what I was doing. Can you remember on your own or do you have to recall facts, information, and reactions from other’s perspectives?

I often think back to the pre-k class I was teaching at that time. There were two students who were having 5 year old birthdays that day. A big day in the life of a child. Today, I think about those students. They are 17 today. I can hardly believe they are that old and I wonder where they are now. I wonder if they can remember the events on this day 12 years ago.

Happy birthday to my former pre-k friends.

And to America: I still remember and pray for you and for the friends and families of those who lost much more than a birthday celebration that day.

Awana – New ESV Curriculum pack Appleseed #NewAtAwana

Introducing a brand new children’s ministry curriculum pack from Awana. This new curriculum comes fully loaded with teaching book, large colorful posters, stuffed animal puppets, shirts, vests, a bag, plus lots more, including stickers, awards, and pens.

The teaching book has Biblical stories as well as real-life modern stories with activities, questions, and review pages. Teachers and families can work together to teach young children in the Awana Cubbies age group, probably best suited for pre-k and kindergarten.

The book has colorful pictures of modern-looking people with whom young children can relate from their worlds. The Biblical stories coincide with the modern stories so children can learn a Bible story and apply the concepts to a modern event.

The large fluffy animal puppets can be used to tell the stories and give children a visual of something to see. Teachers can use the puppets as the storytellers. Young children love to hear stories “told” by puppets and other voices from their regular teacher’s voice. Very imaginative.

The kit also includes collared polo shirts for teachers and t-shirt for children and teachers. There are stickers, notecards, and pens included as well.

This teaching kit has all Christian education teachers and families need to teach a series to young children. However, one word of advice: It is best to teach Biblical principles directly from the Bible, not from a study or lesson book. Teachers must allow children to see them reading the story from the actual Bible to give the Biblical principles validity that they are true Christian Godly principles.

I recommend this curriculum for enhancing and supplementing Christian education lessons. There are many items included in the kit that children can “see” the lesson and Good News.

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