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Jun 12

Building Trust without the Mask


“We wear the mask that grins and lies; it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes. It is time to take off the mask” (Bruner, 2008). There are many times and situations in which educators feel they cannot show their true selves or true personalities for fear of being vulnerable. When educators remove the masks …

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May 28

Partnership and Collaboration

In my profession and position as Early Learning Administrator, I am charged with marketing the school and maintaining a constant flow of student enrollment. Each year we graduate a large group of students who promote to kindergarten; therefore, we must have a continuous stream of students moving up with each age and grade level. Our …

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Mar 04

My Story. A Guest post

I guest posted my story in the Danger Days series. Click here to read my story and how God has never let go and His love never fails.

Feb 26

What do a can opener, a pencil sharpener, and a lock have to do with Jesus?


        Where do we go when things get too tough and get to be too much for us? How do we relax and keep our focus on Jesus? Use this object lesson to teach how Jesus got away and knew how to keep his focus on His Heavenly Father. Materials: a can …

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Feb 25

The Power Bible Review


If you are looking for a way to get children interested in reading and the Bible, the Power Bible is a different choice for them. This Bible story book is written like a comic book with colorful pictures and images. The chapters are divided into sections to cover individual Bible stories. There are creative characters …

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Oct 31

Strawinsky Video Review

The following video is geared for school-age children to teach a lesson. The video is done with clear, crisp animations where characters teach a lesson through story and music and singing. The story appeals to the visual needs and interests of young children and offers quality education in a technology mode. The story teaches the …

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