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Dec 08

Jesus’ birth as told with Lego

This is a cute video of the birth of Jesus as told with Lego…

Nov 15

How was your day?

Instead of just asking someone how his/her day was, try some of these questions for more conversation starters… Click here for the article¬† Did you help anyone? What made you laugh? Tell me something you know today that you didn’t know yesterday. And ask questions that require more than yes/no answers. Many of these questions …

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Apr 11


We are designed and instructed to live in community with others. God’s Word encourages and urges us to be compassionate and kind. We must forgive and love. We can’t do that unless we live in community and interact with others. All of our responsibilities and duties involve other people. We must live in community to …

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Apr 10

Who is in your world?

Ask yourself: Who is in your world? Who is in your circle? Who has God brought into your life? We can read and study for ourselves, but self study involves more than only ourselves in mind. God wants us to be a part of changing the lives of those around us. How are we reading …

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Mar 28

Hold on to God

In my career these days I am given some pretty big tasks. I am a leader and must balance many people on the staff at work and juggle schedules to meet many needs and time schedules. Some days it is tough. And certain parts of the day are even tougher. We have time demands and …

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Mar 26

A Hammer and Nails

As Easter is approaching, we begin to think further about Jesus’ death on the cross. We think about His suffering. We think about the forgiveness He offers to us. We messed up. We sinned. Jesus was perfect and did no wrong, but He took our place on the cross. He offered us forgiveness for our …

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