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Sep 01

Drive with Headlights on

Transformative Assessment in higher education can be compared to hands-on active learning in lower grades. To evaluate higher education programs, schools and faculty were using student surveys to determine program effectiveness. However, these tools often failed to measure student learning and gave poor understandings of program effectiveness and faculty success. Those current assessment tools failed …

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Aug 30

Learning through Play


The learning environment includes many elements of schools and classrooms, including facilities, room arrangement, students, resources, climate, and support (Wilmore, 2014, 607). Each of these elements plays critical roles in the learning environment and creating positive learning experiences for all learners. Students must feel ownership and comfort in their classroom environment. They must experience a …

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Aug 24

Planning Activities with Student Interests


  Of the four futuring methods highlighted in this section, educators can combine two of them to work together for learners in classrooms. Polling and visioning have similar uses to be combined, and modeling and gaming have similarities to combine as well. Polling is used to collect data from others through interviews, questionnaires, and conversations …

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Aug 23

How are decisions made?


  One of the methods schools must embrace to grow their programs and provide the best atmosphere for students is brainstorming. Members of the teams must consult and collaborate with one another to plan and develop programs to meet student needs and community needs for student employment goals. Each team member must include his ideas …

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Aug 16

Computers as an Education Guide from Past to Present

The Cybernetic Revolution Computers have caused a tremendous amount of growth in schools and businesses throughout the years. Computers have evolved into systems from the first computer that filled an entire room to small handheld devices that are easily transported with daily use. Companies have seen big improvements with computers as a benefit to production …

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Jul 29

Confusing Technology and Education


Technology plays an important role in education; however, it is not to be confused with education itself. Modern education practices receive benefits from technology as many learners respond to education through methods of technology. As educators think about the future of education, they must strengthen the definition and purpose of education. Education is often compared …

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