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Jul 29

Confusing Technology and Education


Technology plays an important role in education; however, it is not to be confused with education itself. Modern education practices receive benefits from technology as many learners respond to education through methods of technology. As educators think about the future of education, they must strengthen the definition and purpose of education. Education is often compared …

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Jul 28

Oklahoma’s pre-k success over other states


The education system decided to begin pre-kindergarten and give young students an early start. Pre-kindergarten was a successful move by offering students a start at school and preparation for academics and social-emotional development. Historically, Americans operated on the idea that children would just pick up the essentials along the way; however, some were concerned about …

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Jul 24

Schools and Workplace Partnerships


As students are enrolled in courses and preparing for their career choices, are colleges and high schools preparing them for the workforce? Are they learning appropriate workforce skills, ethics, and professionalism? One of the future trends in education is to investigate how to better prepare students to successfully enter the workforce and be exposed to …

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Jul 17

Technology alters future education trends


With the technology interests of the younger generation, education is forced to keep up with the culture and develop courses and educational settings in regards to technology. Of the list of trends, there are two that are important to the future and direction of education: mobility and social networking. Students are no longer impressed and …

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Jul 16

How Technology has affected the Learning Environment


Many educators experiment with different methods of educating and teaching preschool students. They try multiple methods from hands-on activities to worksheets to video games and television. Young students learn in as many ways as there are learning methods and styles. In 1966, a group of friends discussed if television could be used to educate children …

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Jul 12

The Future of Higher Education


The trend of changing life cycles as the population ages must focus on whose responsibility it is to teach work and training ethics. Colleges teach education material to prepare students for each field; however, they lack in teaching them work skills. As colleges prepare individuals, preparation for work is divided between education and training (Yankelovish, …

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