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Sep 06

Child development

Here’s an excellent thought from AquaChurch 2.0: (page 306)… The first four years are absolutely as critical to spiritual and moral devleopment as they are to social and intellectual development. A child’s spirituality begins before it is born. Churches that help parents understand and address a child’s “learning windows” from the womb onward will lead …

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Sep 04

Life Lessons

In AquaChurch 2.0, Len Sweet gives us lessons called “All I Ever Needed to Know I learned from Noah” (page 242). 1. Be prepared. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. 2. Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone might ask you to do something REALLY BIG. 3. Don’t listen to critics. Do …

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Sep 03

Live life on the edge

I’m continuing my reading of Len Sweet’s AquaChurch 2.0. We need to live life on the edge; live on the edge as Jesus did. “The action is on the edge, not the center” (page 170). When we move away from the edge, we are moving away from Jesus. He is on the edges, in the …

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Sep 01

Be a risk-taker

In AquaChurch 2.0, Len Sweet tells of a sign over the door of a church (page 131). Excellent advice for anyone, in any situation, in any stage of life, in any career … Enter at your own risk. God is doing a new thing. Take risks. Retrieve life by risking it, Jesus said. Besides, that …

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Aug 31

Big things, small packages

Big things can come in small packages. Big ministries can come from small churches. Len Sweet reminds us, in AquaChurch 2.0, that small companies are changing and re-creating the global economy and many of those companies have less than 24 employees (page 121). This fact should make the small-membership church reconsider its futures. These small …

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Aug 31

Throw the anchor & pull

I love the metaphor Len Sweet uses on page 88 of AquaChurch 2.0. We must be anchored in the Bible, yet continuously moving forward. We must cast our anchor ahead of the boat and pull ourselves forward with the rope. What an image!

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