Jan 01

2018 is here


Good-bye 2017. You’ve been a good friend, but move over… 2018 is here. This is the year I plan to run Florida. This is the year I plan to invest in the lives of many people… people I run with, people I work with, people I see on a daily basis, and people I rarely see.

Life is good and God is great.

I am a trained educator and teacher but not in the traditional role. In late 2017 I was given the opportunity to teach new hires at work. I love the company with which I work and see great opportunities personally and also for the city. I love being involved in the open door of the company to welcome new employees.

I love my habit of running the streets of Winter Haven 3-4 days a week. I have run other areas of central Florida and now it is time for me to expand my running areas to the entire state of Florida. I will start by going south to Key West and the plans as of now are to finish by going northwest to Pensacola. Although my friends and I have lived in Florida most of our lives (some of them all of the lives), we have never been to Key West. This is our chance to go and explore Florida’s southernmost point. And this is my chance to get another half marathon medal. I have met many friends who inspire me to #keepmovingforward.

Please join me as I work to inspire myself and others along this journey of life. Together we can be an encouragement to others.


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